‘SheInBusiness‘ is a Women Oriented Business Directory and a Cross-Linking Platform, keen to help and support aspiring female entrepreneurs through its Digital Media Expertise In this digital era, SheInBusiness is a platform that holds the power of reforming your online presence.
If you are unknown to the intricacies of an industry, the one in which you are keen to embark your entrepreneurial journey, SheInBusiness can assist you in your respective pursuit as well! Women Entrepreneurs can get themselves registered on ‘SIB Business Directory’ so that their businesses and professions can be discovered effortlessly.
SheInBusiness intends to conduct meets in the near future as well. Women Entrepreneurs can inspire or get inspired and learn from each other’s experiences. Along with a great experience, females can take home customized SIB goodies too!


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We create a bridge between individuals and networks, you and your potential.

Whom And How Do We Help


Want to collaborate and expand your business? Well, why not?

‘SheInBusiness’ is a Cross-Linking Platform and a Women Oriented Business Directory where women can get the opportunity to convey their ideas and promote their services to other female entrepreneurs or professionals. These two females can form an ally and, eventually, deliver exceptional results!

An example can make you understand the concept more accurately!

“Mrs. Mehta (An Interior Designer) and Ms. Arora (A Real Estate Dealer) meet in one of the She In Business assemblages. Mrs. Mehta briefs Ms. Arora about her services and skills. Ms. Arora likes her work. They both exchange their numbers and start working together.”

Thus, that is what the goal of She In Business is!

While maintaining a Directory to list aspiring and established women entrepreneurs, She In Business, at the moment is fabricating a plan to hold gatherings for all such headstrong women in the future as well, so that they can connect and find ways to expand their business.

Online Education

Online education is the program which keeps on engaging and filling up your aspiring minds with germane topics for developing your business.
It shades issues such as:

  • Enrol to be “THE LEADER”

    Develop the dexterities to be a leader. It only comes when you understand your value and purpose.

  • “Dos” of Marketing:

    Starting a business and not telling it to anyone is not a good idea.
    Branding and promotion on different social platforms is the must.

  • Success “Method”

    Create a step by step strategy for how to start, promote and enhance your business the crucial stage that needs to be done accurately.

  • Converse like “Pro”

    Good communication is the key to crack the deal. We can help in polishing your verbal skills so that you can covert meetings into sales.

  • Master the “Number Game”

    When you start understanding your business stats well, it means you are in control. Make cash flows, budget, profit and loss your friends.

  • Expert’s “Advise”

    Gain valuable insights into our weekly online Q&A sessions live with an expert from our community, to workshop any business issue you have.

Aspiring Shes

Aakanksha Srivastava

Aakanksha Srivastava

The Aspiring...
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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Dr. Amrinder Kaur

Pink Guava C...
Cofounder – Research a...
Sector-52, Gurugram

Sonali Singh

Founder Female2feminist

Mrs. Savita Garg

Founder Eclassopedia
Anya Kathpalia

Anya Kathpalia

Her Success ...
Greater Kailash, New Delhi


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