About Me


Any change in the universe is caused by a severe incident or experience that becomes the foundation of that particular event.

My initiative SHE IN BUSINESS has some tenacious reasons behind it as well.

A thought that ‘WHY women with excellent business ideas and entrepreneurial skills ARE NOT IN BUSINESS?’ was enough for me to get ‘SHE IN BUSINESS into action.

SIB networking community is just an overpass between women with a strong vision to the platform/ individual where they could see their idea mutating into a business.

SIB is about three words:

  • Imbibe – Learn the HOWs and WHATs related to your business.
  • Evolve – Meeting people from different fields would eventually help you to get more business and enhance it.
  • Influence – Get influenced and motivated by listening to the success stories of women who started from a scratch like you.

SHE IN BUSINESS‘, powered by ‘The Aspiring CEO‘ could help you transform your trade digitally. We introduce the SIB‘s ‘Business Directory‘ which will be promoted to the best level via Digital Marketing.

Listing your métier on our Business Directory would enhance the online presence of your business. The filters of ‘Location’ and ‘Business Category’ could help people find you effortlessly.


“A woman with a strong heartfelt intuitiveness about the favourable outcome of her dreams,
knows no word as hurdles.”

Aakanksha Srivastava

My Life Journey

Born and brought up in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, India. At a very early stage of my life I initiated my career with an Advertising Agency along with senior secondary via university, I joined a few IT companies as Human Resource Manager. Pursuing a tailor-made and monotonous life, I started working with various IT Companies but somewhere deep down I wanted a job that sets my soul on fire!!

Understanding the ongoing circumstance of the woman, in her life. I took an initiative to bring a networking community for all women entrepreneurs.

Where She In Business powered by The Aspiring CEO turns to be the platform for the women entrepreneurs to get recognition of their business with the help of Digital Media Marketing. It is apparently a tool for self-empowerment and self-confidence.

As we always say, “KEEP ASPIRING & BE BOLD.”

Join with the SIB Community and get featured.