Savitha Hosamane

Savitha Hosamane

Position: Managing Director
Occupation: Business Owner
Location: Bangalore

I help Small and Medium Business owners and Leaders to cultivate Growth Culture based on values which will impact business profits positively.

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Position Managing Director
Year Established 2011
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Savitha Hosamane

Savitha’s vision is to attain “Holistic Living” by redefining the quality of our work-life. Her mission is to nurture and build happy, healthy, harmonious high-performance work culture through Cultural Alignment to maximize potential. Her purpose is to make the world a much happier place than what it is now.
Working with a realistic mission, she founded HASOVAN a company which provides customised solutions to small and medium businesses to cultivate culture by co-creating their organization’s values and culture from scratch to manifest as behaviour which are reflected in daily actions to attain high levels of performance and positive business outcomes. The solutions are well researched and scientifically proven to align the workforce mindfully to organisational goals and values.
Additionally, facilitate conduct open workshops in the areas of self-leadership, emotional maturity, address stress with laughter, self-love, building Healthy mind-sets for life-style management.

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Author, Culture Cultivator, Facilitator of Meditative therapies
Author, Culture Cultivator, Facilitator of Meditative therapies
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