Sonali Singh

Sonali Singh

Sonali Singh

Company: Female2feminist
Position: Founder Female2feminist

As much the masculinity has been celebrated advantageously through ages, femininity needs its due renovation now.

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Company Name Female2feminist
Position Founder Female2feminist
Year Established 2020
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Sonali Singh is a website that is primarily dedicated to strengthening the voice of women, in the standing times. In addition to this, it has its strong intentions towards bringing a positive change in MALE-FEMALE equation that is becoming more concern-worthy day by day. It aims to bridge up psyches between the two genders so that the world gets free of any kind of prejudices.
As is a result of thorough life experiences and keen observations, hence it intends to get closer to people by relating to their lives.
An engineering graduate from Abdul Kalam Technical University (formerly known as UPTU)by education, the founder has also gone through a lot of experiences that life can throw professionally and personally. Hence, this prolonged experience is helping to build the required bond.

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Advocacy for gender neutrality in society and relations
Blogging & Writing